Private physiotherapy practice – the essential guide

Co-written by Physio First and the CSP, this eResource is an essential guide to private physiotherapy practice.

Whether you're thinking of working in a private practice or establishing one of your own, the guide looks at the different models of working in private practice and aims to support you in making a success of your private practice work.



Any chartered physiotherapist may accept private business from a self-referring patient, or on referral from any other professional.

There are a number of options available to you if you are considering private practice. Whichever one you choose, you will need to start by setting aside time for researching and planning your business venture.

There are legal, financial and insurance considerations, other additional personal responsibilities and an amount of initial administrative work to do.

Each setting has advantages and disadvantages that need considering before making your decision.

While some practitioners choose to see clients in a home setting, others decide to share practice space with other health practitioners, renting by the hour, or having a room within a clinic or a gym. Others will go into business for themselves, and may employ others.

How the private practice resource will help you

The resource sets out what you need to know to negotiate the whole field of private practice. Covering both the aspects relating to your professionalism and to setting up your business, it gives you a firm foundation from which to work.


Access the private practice guide

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