Find a Chartered Physiotherapist

If you or someone you care for needs treatment, there are several ways to find a Physio.

The options are summarised on this page, including a link to our Physio2u member-only online directory.

If you live in the UK and want to see a physio there are two main treatment routes:

  • through the NHS
  • through private practitioners
  • through professional networks

Looking for a Chartered physio? 

Use our Physio2u directory to find a physiotherapist in your area today

It is sometimes possible to access physiotherapy treatment through other routes, such as an employer or charities.

Choosing a physio

When choosing a physiotherapist, make sure they are Chartered (they will have MCSP after their name) and registered with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC).

Chartered physio having friendly discussion with patient

You can check their registration with the HCPC online.  All NHS physios are registered with the HCPC.

Through the NHS

In many cases your doctor (GP or hospital consultant) will help you to access physiotherapy but increasingly in some areas you can self-refer (see below.)

If you need physiotherapy while you are in hospital the physiotherapist will come and see you on the ward.  For physiotherapy treatment as an outpatient or home visits, your GP is usually the person who would arrange this.

Onward referral to other health professionals that your physio may recommend, such as a nutritionist for example, will be up to your GP.

Through the directory of professional networks

If you are looking for a physiotherapist with expertise in a particular clinical area of practice or with specific patient populations please contact the relevant CSP professional network who can help you.

APCP, the professional network for paediatric chartered physiotherapists also has a listing service for private practitioners working as Children’s physiotherapists in the UK. Find out more here.

Through private practitioners

Physiotherapists also work in the private sector. In order to find a private physiotherapist in your area you can use the Physio2u directory.

If you have private health insurance you should check the terms and conditions of your policy before booking an appointment.

Physiofirst, the Professional Network for private practitioners, also has a listing service for private practitioners working in the UK.

Self referral and First Contact Physiotherapy (direct access)

In some areas of the UK self-referral systems are in place, through which you can ask to see an NHS physiotherapist yourself, without waiting for a referral from your GP.

A growing number of GP surgeries will have First Contact Physiotherapy services to help patients with muscle, bone and joint problems.

The reception staff at your GP practice or your local NHS provider (eg your local hospital) will be able to tell you if these services are available in your area.

Occupational health schemes

Some employers run occupational health schemes for their employees that may include physiotherapy. Check with your human resources or personnel department to see if you are eligible.

Larger organisations often have an in-house physio while smaller businesses may use the services of a local physiotherapy service.

There is good evidence that occupational physiotherapy is cost-effective for large and small businesses. If you are an employer or manager, find out more about how physiotherapy can help:

  • reduce sickness absence
  • offer additional business benefits

Private medical insurance

Private medical insurance schemes often include physiotherapy treatment. If you are a member of such a scheme, check out if you are eligible.

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