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Staffing Evaluation System for Leaders

The SESL decision support tool is designed to help you develop your skilled judgement, evaluation and critical thinking.

Primarily for use by physiotherapy managers and team leaders, it is available to all CSP members working in any sector or setting, including stewards. 

It can be used reactively or proactively to review issues relating to safe and effective staffing levels. 

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Job planning: a tool to support safe and effective care

The concept of job planning for physiotherapists and physiotherapy support workers was introduced by NHS Improvement as part of their drive to reduce variation and improve productivity in NHS allied health profession (AHP) services.

A job plan is document that captures all the activities you undertake as part of your role and how much of your contracted hours you should be spending on them.

The amount of time spent on each activity will depend on your particular role and your local service needs. There is no ‘one size fits all’ job plan.

For further information download our full guidance and recommendations for good job planning, which includes links to the NHS Improvement resources.

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Supervision, accountability and delegation of activities to support workers