Health inequalities

How health inequalities can impact on your clinical practice, service and community.

Understanding the impact of health inequalities

The first step is to learn more about what health inequalities are, how they are measured and why they matter.

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How services have tackled health inequalities

To get more ideas, find out what changes other services have made to reduce the impact of health inequalities.

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health inequalities

Using data to improve services

Discover how population health data and service data can help you to meet the needs of your local population.

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Putting the data into practice

Find out how to assess and apply data on health inequalities to change your service for the better.

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Further information and resources

Learn more about tackling health inequalities with these case studies, resources and online courses.

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Health inequalities network

Join the discussion on the health inequalities iCSP network. Find news, events and resources, and collaborate to tackle inequalities in healthcare.

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