Why community rehab and recovery matters

It’s been proven that engaging in activity and having access to high-quality rehabilitation and recovery services are vital to our long-term mental and physical health

a physio checking a patient on a treadmill
Community rehabilitation alliance

These commitments are set out in the NHS Long Term Plan for England, 'A Healthier Wales', ‘A Health and Care Delivery Plan in Scotland’ and the ‘Transformation Programme in Northern Ireland’.

Across the UK, governments have made commitments to rehabilitation and recovery services. But whether it’s the NHS Long Term Plan in England, the Welsh Government’s roadmap to reduce waiting lists post-covid or the Scottish Government’s ‘Once for Scotland’ approach to rehabilitation we know our work cannot stop there if the potential of these commitments is to be realised. 

We know that there are barriers to overcome if everyone is to have equitable access to high-quality, person-centred rehabilitation and recovery services. 

What’s more, the pandemic has made this situation even worse, with many services having to refocus efforts on dealing with a surge in covid patients. 

Post-pandemic, we know that things will never be the same as before. The CSP and alliance members are therefore making the case for transformation. 

The production of community rehabilitation best practice standards, the drive for increased staffing and funding as well as work promoting the importance of data and tackling health inequities all form parts of this wider transformation ambition. 

We want to ensure that policy commitments and new resources are translated into effective action.  We know that delivering these changes will take several years and need our sustained and collective commitment. We are at the start of that journey. 

We are:

  • Leading alliances of organisations across the UK to secure a long-term sustainable future for rehabilitation and recovery services. Get involved in the community rehabilitation and recovery movement where you are.
  • Striving to answer the question of ‘What does good community rehabilitation look like?’ by creating best practice standards for the profession.
  • Influencing the planning and commissioning of community rehabilitation.
  • Campaigning to prevent the loss of key services and protecting vital spaces for rehab and recovery to take place.
  • Showcasing innovative new approaches to community rehabilitation in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.
  • Setting up hip fracture networks charged with driving up quality across the whole hip fracture pathway.
  • Supporting scaling up pulmonary rehab
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