Physio First – professional network recognised by the CSP

Physio First is a specialist professional network, representing self-employed physiotherapists working in the independent sector. Membership is also open to physiotherapists employed in practices where the practice principal is a member.


Physio First membership will support you to:

  • demonstrate quality through independent analysis of your patient outcome data
  • continuously develop personally, professionally and commercially
  • share and receive practical advice with a community of like-minded independent physiotherapists
  • remain current with the most up-to-date marketplace information
  • be part of a collective that shapes the independent physiotherapy marketplace
  • access the support of trusted partner organisations.


Physio First represents the interests of self-employed independent practitioners within the marketplace, identifying threats and then fighting (within the law) moves that would undermine members.

Physio First represents the interests of independent practitioners in the cross-sector quality in private MSK working group.

Physio First supports members through the provision of commercial and/or legal advice and provides the education and tools to tackle business problems themselves.

While the majority of members are MSK clinicians, this business and legal support is pertinent to independent practitioners in any specialty.



Education targeted at independent practice

Physio First targets education to help members improve their patients' clinical outcomes within the self-employed independent practice setting. It does this through articles in its quarterly journal, In Touch, written by authors who understand this priority. It also produces other courses and webinars arranged regionally by a team of volunteer community representatives who are the touch points for members to form local and online communities.

Communication and peer to peer support

Physio First has a trusted, private member-only forum where all independent practice issues are shared and solved in an open and transparent way. Its office team at Minerva House (Physio First head office) runs an enquiry line for independent-practice business and legal support that is backed up by their legally qualified Strategic and Business lead.

Overview of CSP and Physio First offer to independent practitioners

 CSPPhysio First
Professional support  
Professional advice e.g. advice line
Research evidence e.g. briefings and guidance 
Clinical information / updates
Peer-reviewed journal 
Leadership training 
Member communication channelsiCSP /mentorship / SoME / VLE / corporate supportMember online forum/SoME/ Bulletins
Governance supportCSPPhysio First
Templates for policies and procedures  
General guidance on writing all P&P
Business support  
Commercial decision making e.g. supplies 
HR guidance 
Health and safety guidance 
Business support training 
Financial advice e.g. budget setting 
Legal support  
Personal injury advice – free session for each member 
Legal disputes / debt recovery 
Contract law 
Premises issues 
Workplace support  
HCPC fitness to practise 
Workplace disciplinary issues (if employed) 


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