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Membership FAQs

This page has the answers to some of the most commonly asked questions about membership.  If you can't find what you are looking for here, you can make changes to your website account details by looking at the your membership details page.

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Alternatively, please take a look at our 'Manage your membership' section, which includes online forms to help you do everything from applying for tax relief on your membership, to using the Society's logos.

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Payments and insurance

How can I make a payment to the CSP?

There are five different methods with which to make a payment to the CSP. The method you use depends on the product or service you select. Following are the details of each method, and below them is a table that indicates which method is applicable to each product or service supplied by the CSP.

  1. Cheque – Please make cheques payable to either The Chartered Society of Physiotherapy or The CSP.
  2. Direct Debit – Complete the direct debit mandate that is provided either with the paper member application form or with the online application form.
  3. PayPal – If you are an overseas member and wish to pay your annual membership fee by PayPal, you need to notify the Enquiries Team, either by telephone on +(0)20 7306 6666 or by sending an email to enquiries@csp.org.uk, that you wish to make a payment by this method. They will then email you a link, which once opened will lead you through the process. PayPal is a method of payment used to pay annual subscription fees where direct debit payments are not available.
  4. WorldPay – This method can be used with certain online products and there is a link to WorldPay provided on the relevant web page.
  5. Credit card – To use this method, you will need to speak with our Enquiries Team on 020 7306 6666 and they will put you through to the appropriate individual.  Please note: you can only pay by credit card if you are resident outside the UK.
Product/servicechequedirect debitPayPalWorldPaycredit card

Membership subscriptions

Qualified member workingX1X   
Qualified member working in higher educationX1X   
Qualified member on career break/non-workingX1XX2 X2
Qualified member graduate discountX1X   
Qualified member practising outside the UKX1XX1 X2
Permanently retired memberXXX2 X2
Associate memberX1X   
Student memberXX   

Other products/services

Duplicate qualification certificateX X X
FrontlineX X  
Membership CertificateX X X
Photocopying Services    X
Physio2U advert   X 
PublicationsX XX 
Replacement membership badgeX X X
Transcript of courseX X X
Video Access to website   X 


1 - can only be used for annual payments.
2 - can only be used by members residing outside the UK

Do I need insurance when working as a support worker?

Public liability insurance is predicated upon the fact that the Associate will only be undertaking delegated tasks that have been delegated to them by a registered health professional.

Delegation is not the same as supervision and it is possible for such support workers to undertake activities without direct supervision from the health professional provided that there are robust policies and procedures in place that ensure the associate only works within their competency and scope of practice.

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Membership options

Can I join the CSP to gain support and advice when a process or issue is already ongoing?

You can join the CSP at any time, however, in order for the CSP to be able to advise and support you, you must have been a member in the correct category at the time the issue you require support for arose.

If you have an issue or process that began before you join the CSP, the CSP are unable to support you with it.

Which membership package should I have if I am working whilst studying to be a physiotherapist?

If an associate member is also studying a part-time degree whilst continuing to work as an assistant, we advise having both associate and student membership. This is because each membership package is specifically designed to support each role.

If you wish to remain as a subscribing CSP Associate Member for the duration of your academic programme, you will be eligible for student membership at no extra cost. You will however still need to complete both student and associate membership applications.

Are there other membership options if my circumstances change?

We know that circumstances can change; that’s why we offer a range of reduced-price packages:

Career break: For associate members who are temporarily not working due to temporary caring or family responsibilities; maternity, paternity or adoption leave, or sick leave; or for qualified physiotherapists who are temporarily not practising due to unemployment, illness, maternity or parental leave.

Retirement: for members who are retired or permanently unable to work due to ill health.

Practising overseas: for qualified physiotherapists practising outside the UK.

Get in touch with the Enquiries Team on 020 7306 6666 or email enquiries@csp.org.uk to find out more or change your subscription.

What are the conditions of the associate career break membership?

Existing associate members who are temporarily not working, but who remain employees and who plan to return to work, are eligible to join the career break category. 

Associate members who move to the career break grade will continue to enjoy the same benefits and services they had as an associate or associate student members with the exception that, whilst they are in this grade, they are not covered by PLI (although they will be covered for their employment prior to the switch).

What is the Graduate Affiliate membership category?

Graduate Affiliate is a category that CSP student members will automatically move into on graduation.  The category is for former student members who are waiting for their HCPC registration.

This membership category gives newly graduated physiotherapy students the opportunity to continue to access their CSP benefits and services (with the exception of PLI cover). 

The first 12 months are free; thereafter the cost is £5 per month.

For more information, get in touch with the Enquiries Team on 020 7306 6666 or email enquiries@csp.org.uk

Can I practice sports massage as an associate or student member?

Associate and Student members may practice sports massage outside of their physiotherapy related work but will then need to buy additional sports massage insurance.

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Non-UK physios / students interested in working in the UK

Where can I find more information on working conditions and career opportunities?

The NHS provides information about working conditions, careers opportunities and starting salaries for physiotherapists in the public sector. Salaries vary in the independent (private) sector. You can find more information about the independent sector from a variety of sources. This short, free guide to private practice, produced in conjunction with Physio First (the network for chartered physiotherapists in private practice), might be a useful place to start.

You may also find it helpful to have a look at World Physiotherapy’s Profile of physiotherapy in the United Kingdom for a comparison and overview. The CSP also offers general careers information.

What permissions do I need to work in the UK?

To practise as a physiotherapist in the UK, you will need to:

  • register as a physiotherapist with the Health and Care Professions Council (HCPC) and join the HCPC register
  • apply for and obtain a suitable visa from the UK Visas and Immigration Department before you can enter and work in the UK, if you need one.

Should I use an agency to help complete a job application in the UK?

The CSP does not recommend that international physios use agencies for applications to work in the UK. If you are a CSP member and have experienced any issues with agencies please contact the Enquiries Team on 020 7306 6666 or email enquiries@csp.org.uk.

Is my physiotherapy qualification accepted in the UK?

The Health and Care Professions Council determines whether an international applicant’s qualifications and training make them eligible for registration in the UK as a physiotherapist. If you are unsure whether your qualification meets the HCPC’s requirements you can contact them directly for more information (international@hcpc-org.uk).

What level of English will I need to work in the UK?

The HCPC website gives information on the requirements for proof of English language proficiency. Unless you are exempt, you would normally need to provide evidence of proficiency in English in the form of an IELTS or TOEFL test score on a test undertaken in the last two years.

I am in the process of gaining HCPC registration and will need to undertake a period of adaptation. Can I join the CSP?

Yes, you would be able to join the CSP as an associate member while you complete your period of adaptation. To become an associate member you'll first need to create a website account. If you've already got a website account then you can join as an associate member now.

How do I organise a period of adaptation?

It is an applicant’s responsibility to find a registered health professional in the UK to supervise them. The CSP is not able to arrange periods of adaptation. If you are having trouble arranging a placement, the following list of organisations and links may help you widen your search:

As an alternative to a placement, the HCPC has given the option of taking an aptitude test. If you are unsuccessful with exploring any new routes, you may wish to consider the aptitude test instead.

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Non-UK physios / students working or studying outside of the UK

I am a physiotherapist practising outside of the UK. Can I join the CSP?

Yes, you can join the CSP as an international affiliate. As an international affiliate you will have to access a variety of digital tools to support your continued professional development, including evidence-based research, journals and magazines, plus an online community of over 60 specialty forums where you can connect and network with your peers in a safe, closed environment.

I am a student studying outside of the UK. Can I join the CSP?

Yes, you can join the CSP as an international affiliate. As an international affiliate you will have to access a variety of digital tools to support your continued professional development, including evidence-based research, journals and magazines, plus an online community of over 60 specialty forums where you can connect and network with your peers in a safe, closed environment.

I am an international physiotherapist interested in postgraduate study in the UK. Where can I find more information on courses and opportunities?

You can find information on postgraduate study from UCAS. The CSP has also developed some information on physiotherapy research. You could also join the CSP as an associate member once you begin your studies in the UK.

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About physiotherapy in the UK

I am not a physio but I am interested in learning more about physiotherapy in the UK. Where can I find more information? 

We provide some general information that you may find useful for research or personal interest:

If you are interested in accessing the CSP’s professional resources and keeping in touch with developments in the physiotherapy profession in the UK, you are welcome to join our Global Network to find out more information.

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