Optimising capability in the physiotherapy support workforce

This resource aims to assist all CSP members and other stakeholders to understand the different levels of physiotherapy support worker practice.

It outlines how support workers might achieve the full capabilities necessary to work at a variety of practice levels and progress in their careers.

It also serves as a framework to guide the development of support worker roles. 

The guideline is divided into three sections, all of which cover different aspects.

Section one

  • the six domains of support worker capability 
  • how we describe and define these capabilities at three levels of support worker practice
  • what we see as higher level of practice with additional responsibilities in a role, addressing the question of how far a support worker might be able to progress in their career

Section two

  • how physiotherapy support worker capabilities at three levels are reflected in the scope of practice at each level
  • how different levels and scope of practice might be enacted in a variety of roles
  • the formal ways that support workers might work towards developing capability and career progression 
  • how accessing qualifications in exercise prescription should be considered as a role and career enhancing option for support workers 
  • a pathway for potential career development 

Section three

  • information and signposting for those who aspire to registered physiotherapy practice.