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The CSP is opening a discussion around the relationship between exercise and physiotherapy, says Rob Yeldham 

In Front FL May 24 Rob Yeldham director of strategy, policy and engagement at the CSP
Rob Yeldham director of strategy, policy and engagement at the CSP

Physiotherapy and exercise have, from its very inception, always been deeply intertwined – so much so that the profession came to become the most respected provider of exercise-based rehabilitation for much of the 20th century. 

More recently, other exercise-based professionals have emerged, leading many within physiotherapy to wonder about the space the profession now occupies and how its relationship with exercise might adapt and evolve as this trend continues to develop. 

In this month’s lead feature professional adviser Tamsin Baird explores these issues and opens a conversation about the space for exercise within the profession, both now and in the future, alongside exploring what the adoption of a new, holistic, patient-centred approach to care would look like. 

Elsewhere in this issue, CSP chief executive John Cowman pens the first of a new series of quarterly columns on his prioritising meeting members; and with career progression within the physio workforce a priority for the CSP, we look at work to develop enhanced practice apprenticeships

New NICE guidance addressing a growing need for pulmonary rehab among patient populations is also the focus of one of our features this month, including the CSP’s role in bringing this to fruition and new digital tools which the guidance recommends can be used by services to enhance service provision. 

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